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Well we just started the New Year with a hell of a lot of Water, fortunately my family and I didn’t cop it but I was in Brisbane as the River rose last Tuesday and I have been back up to help out a little bit.

The second flood I have noticed is the amount of $37 – $39 get rich, I make $27,492.74 per month get rich BS schemes that are going on to the market at the moment and the fact they are being pushed on us by other marketers, some of who I follow and respect.. respect is going to be short lived at  this end and I wish that I could come up with a solution or the appropriate product for you.

There isn’t though.. Marketing Products is a business and unless you are a Marketer don’t do it.. or learn to do it in the appropriate honest manner.. which is find a product that is good, buy it try it, believe in it then sell it.. and give your readers and customers a good experience…

There are tools that make your tasks easier but NO SHORTCUTS!

Lets band together and ignore these  BS products and as for my mentors don’t send me this shit, I’ve brought good products off you not just any product,” so stop treating your A or B lists like idiots“.. Research what is worth while and then let us know.. The amazing thing is that people buy this stuff.. “I brought it so I could try it but it was crap” why waste your time and energy.. Write an Article..

Rather than just  unsubscribing from these guy’s, I’m trying to contact them to let them know, then repeat offenders will get deleted.

It’s just that simple, Do yourselves a favor for 2011 don’t buy rubbish there are some excellent aspects about Marketing on the Internet and one of them is that you have to be honest with everyone and yourself..

As soon as we dry off I’m going to have a great year Online and Offline..

A few of you have emailed asking why I have the Adsense Course promoted over to the right side Bar… I know it seems like old Hat BUT…………

Here is exactly WHY!

1. You have to start somewhere, Setting up Adsense Sites are by the far most easiest way to get started in Internet Marketing.,

2. When I started myself, I had read an article in Business News Weekly titled “Get Rich Slowly”,  So once I researched and found the training program that was to teach me everything I needed to know to get started.. I committed myself to the 12 months and went for it.. (Unfortunately the Program has disappeared with mine and everyone’s money)

3. The key to any Niche is to have authority or appear to have authority… So learning all the SEO techniques, Keyword research etc… I applied mainly what I learned to my offline company.. and those products and related sites are position 1, on the first page of Google most of the time.. In-fact I have two of my own sites competing for the 1st position most of the time

4. As  most of us end up on thousands of mailing lists, someone sent me this Adsense Program… I downloaded it then forgot about it for a couple of months… My offline company is seasonal so as it got quieter I found myself getting side tracked, bogged down in emails, confused by all the great you beaut GURU driven, HUGE PROFIT MAKING, wonders of the world that was being offered to me…. BLAH…BLAH….BLAH.. I re-found this course that I downloaded and having brought the Master Resale Rights (MRR) for it, I sent it to my list and also started developing Niche Adsense sites using the information ..

5. I built my list, I offered a product that was completely FREE and if you brought the MRR, you would learn how to set up a Sales Site and get to pass on this useful training and Sell a Product as if it was your own

If you are, or were on my list for this course you would of had the opportunity to have grabbed, 2 other similar products, plus the host of perks as I discover new ways to tweek my sites, you would of learned a host of information to help develop your Affiliate Skills…. and although Adsense Money isn’t a great amount at first, it really is money on Auto Pilot and because you are honing your skills, the FACT you are earning some sort of money online gives you a huge amount of confidence of taking your skills to the next level..

I hope you have found this post useful, Please keep us informed of your experiences….

I recently purchased Massive Passive Profits from Bill McRea, Now being lazy, I’m looking for the ultimate Automated Product and really, I don’t associate with un-reputable marketers so when this product was presented to me I really thought this was going to be a winner..

So here’s the rant in the sales pitch only 199 copies of the the product was going to be sold, 30 clicks to success etc.. Now scarcity and simplicity are key sales pitches but BS isn’t..

Most glitches I fixed and I learned a whole lot of new stuff as well which is pretty cool but when I went looking for other stuff that wasn’t working, man I was surprised to see the amount of people having a huge array of difficulties and realized that this is definitely not a Newbie Product.. and setting up the mass deploy would have been mind boggling for most…

I went to the Warrior Forum and there wasn’t a great picture painted of  Bill, product or credibility… and many people feel he needs to take a personal approach to resolving these issues and if I was him I wouldn’t be promoting my next latest and greatest product until all issues were resolved.. As mentioned by someone in the forum “If this product generates the income Bill McRea claims, what is he doing promoting the next big thing immediately after the launch of MPP..  Has he given up on US and his PRODUCT already?.

Now the rave, I can see potential.. If you look beyond the 68 traffic streams and the other BS.. You’ll see that MPP has pure potential, with the right tweaking, I think that you could benefit from a program formula like this… it is a great concept.. Now I didn’t use the mass deploy but looking at the instructional video and being lazy I started with the basics and set up MPP, learned how to reconfigure the php scripts, worked out why Web Traffic Genius, stopped me from building new sub domains when it was activated.. if I was a newbie which was only a couple of years ago I would have been stumped and me being me I would be getting a refund….

A couple of people I noticed feel the same way on the Warrior Forum and the MPP forum, as long as they are credible and don’t work for Bill, I’m going to keep an eye out and see where this goes.. but as I mentioned in one of my posts.. In the time I have taken to set this all up, I could have built 5 websites written 15 articles, submitted them, then spun them, submitted to 400 other article directories, submitted to 600 other directories and so on….

You do the maths but it is great when you learn something new..

Welcome to the Andrew Hansen fan pages… Just joking… If it is worth saying Andrew seems to be saying it… and for those of you who do read here you are here for a reason and that is to find out the truth…

I feel if you ever need to read something it is right now… This is a great industry if you don’t get caught in the hype..

Andrew puts the IM Gurus in their place and blows the lid off their Clickbank product launch SCAMS

Check out Andrews latest rant here…

Check out my comment right here..

Sometimes we all learn by our mistakes but if we can avoid the mistakes, life would be so much nicer Yeh…

Happy Halloween 2010 everyone, it’s over it’s been lucrative but not as good as last year.. I would imagine there is a lot  of us taking advantage of this huge marketing event and the competition would have been fierce this year but I managed to pull a couple of good keyword optimized domains that produced a huge amount of  traffic even as I write this now..

Christmas is next on the agenda and even when I went into the local bargain shop to grab a couple of last minute Halloween goodies the display that was there only a day ago was gone and Santa Clause was dominating..

So lets get to it and go and find ourselves some Christmas Bargain Hunters cause right now is the time to do it…

About time I took care of some news and this is probably not the way to start an inform-able site but it is a story we have all heard time and time again and Andrew Hanson is the latest victim, feeling the wrath of Google..

Andrew is a marketer and a teacher who I have followed for the past 2 years, he is a wealth of information. I used his PNP product to polish up my skills and his Blog is well worth bookmarking… Check out his Story Here

I would also point out that Andrew, I feel has impeccable integrity in his Online Presence and Products so I will keep you posted on the outcome if you aren’t already ignoring my Blog and following him…

Personally I really don’t understand these tactics and lack of reasoning, can you just imagine having a business where you can just cut off a customer or client  that spends literally Thousands off dollars per year with you…

There is a lot of BS out there and  Capig Media is only going to highlight products and authors who are of benefit to you.. if you have a story or product that is out-standing contact us..

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