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A few of you have emailed asking why I have the Adsense Course promoted over to the right side Bar… I know it seems like old Hat BUT…………

Here is exactly WHY!

1. You have to start somewhere, Setting up Adsense Sites are by the far most easiest way to get started in Internet Marketing.,

2. When I started myself, I had read an article in Business News Weekly titled “Get Rich Slowly”,  So once I researched and found the training program that was to teach me everything I needed to know to get started.. I committed myself to the 12 months and went for it.. (Unfortunately the Program has disappeared with mine and everyone’s money)

3. The key to any Niche is to have authority or appear to have authority… So learning all the SEO techniques, Keyword research etc… I applied mainly what I learned to my offline company.. and those products and related sites are position 1, on the first page of Google most of the time.. In-fact I have two of my own sites competing for the 1st position most of the time

4. As  most of us end up on thousands of mailing lists, someone sent me this Adsense Program… I downloaded it then forgot about it for a couple of months… My offline company is seasonal so as it got quieter I found myself getting side tracked, bogged down in emails, confused by all the great you beaut GURU driven, HUGE PROFIT MAKING, wonders of the world that was being offered to me…. BLAH…BLAH….BLAH.. I re-found this course that I downloaded and having brought the Master Resale Rights (MRR) for it, I sent it to my list and also started developing Niche Adsense sites using the information ..

5. I built my list, I offered a product that was completely FREE and if you brought the MRR, you would learn how to set up a Sales Site and get to pass on this useful training and Sell a Product as if it was your own

If you are, or were on my list for this course you would of had the opportunity to have grabbed, 2 other similar products, plus the host of perks as I discover new ways to tweek my sites, you would of learned a host of information to help develop your Affiliate Skills…. and although Adsense Money isn’t a great amount at first, it really is money on Auto Pilot and because you are honing your skills, the FACT you are earning some sort of money online gives you a huge amount of confidence of taking your skills to the next level..

I hope you have found this post useful, Please keep us informed of your experiences….

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