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About time I took care of some news and this is probably not the way to start an inform-able site but it is a story we have all heard time and time again and Andrew Hanson is the latest victim, feeling the wrath of Google..

Andrew is a marketer and a teacher who I have followed for the past 2 years, he is a wealth of information. I used his PNP product to polish up my skills and his Blog is well worth bookmarking… Check out his Story Here

I would also point out that Andrew, I feel has impeccable integrity in his Online Presence and Products so I will keep you posted on the outcome if you aren’t already ignoring my Blog and following him…

Personally I really don’t understand these tactics and lack of reasoning, can you just imagine having a business where you can just cut off a customer or client  that spends literally Thousands off dollars per year with you…

There is a lot of BS out there and  Capig Media is only going to highlight products and authors who are of benefit to you.. if you have a story or product that is out-standing contact us..

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