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I recently purchased Massive Passive Profits from Bill McRea, Now being lazy, I’m looking for the ultimate Automated Product and really, I don’t associate with un-reputable marketers so when this product was presented to me I really thought this was going to be a winner..

So here’s the rant in the sales pitch only 199 copies of the the product was going to be sold, 30 clicks to success etc.. Now scarcity and simplicity are key sales pitches but BS isn’t..

Most glitches I fixed and I learned a whole lot of new stuff as well which is pretty cool but when I went looking for other stuff that wasn’t working, man I was surprised to see the amount of people having a huge array of difficulties and realized that this is definitely not a Newbie Product.. and setting up the mass deploy would have been mind boggling for most…

I went to the Warrior Forum and there wasn’t a great picture painted of  Bill, product or credibility… and many people feel he needs to take a personal approach to resolving these issues and if I was him I wouldn’t be promoting my next latest and greatest product until all issues were resolved.. As mentioned by someone in the forum “If this product generates the income Bill McRea claims, what is he doing promoting the next big thing immediately after the launch of MPP..  Has he given up on US and his PRODUCT already?.

Now the rave, I can see potential.. If you look beyond the 68 traffic streams and the other BS.. You’ll see that MPP has pure potential, with the right tweaking, I think that you could benefit from a program formula like this… it is a great concept.. Now I didn’t use the mass deploy but looking at the instructional video and being lazy I started with the basics and set up MPP, learned how to reconfigure the php scripts, worked out why Web Traffic Genius, stopped me from building new sub domains when it was activated.. if I was a newbie which was only a couple of years ago I would have been stumped and me being me I would be getting a refund….

A couple of people I noticed feel the same way on the Warrior Forum and the MPP forum, as long as they are credible and don’t work for Bill, I’m going to keep an eye out and see where this goes.. but as I mentioned in one of my posts.. In the time I have taken to set this all up, I could have built 5 websites written 15 articles, submitted them, then spun them, submitted to 400 other article directories, submitted to 600 other directories and so on….

You do the maths but it is great when you learn something new..

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