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Well we just started the New Year with a hell of a lot of Water, fortunately my family and I didn’t cop it but I was in Brisbane as the River rose last Tuesday and I have been back up to help out a little bit.

The second flood I have noticed is the amount of $37 – $39 get rich, I make $27,492.74 per month get rich BS schemes that are going on to the market at the moment and the fact they are being pushed on us by other marketers, some of who I follow and respect.. respect is going to be short lived at  this end and I wish that I could come up with a solution or the appropriate product for you.

There isn’t though.. Marketing Products is a business and unless you are a Marketer don’t do it.. or learn to do it in the appropriate honest manner.. which is find a product that is good, buy it try it, believe in it then sell it.. and give your readers and customers a good experience…

There are tools that make your tasks easier but NO SHORTCUTS!

Lets band together and ignore these  BS products and as for my mentors don’t send me this shit, I’ve brought good products off you not just any product,” so stop treating your A or B lists like idiots“.. Research what is worth while and then let us know.. The amazing thing is that people buy this stuff.. “I brought it so I could try it but it was crap” why waste your time and energy.. Write an Article..

Rather than just  unsubscribing from these guy’s, I’m trying to contact them to let them know, then repeat offenders will get deleted.

It’s just that simple, Do yourselves a favor for 2011 don’t buy rubbish there are some excellent aspects about Marketing on the Internet and one of them is that you have to be honest with everyone and yourself..

As soon as we dry off I’m going to have a great year Online and Offline..

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